What convertible baby crib you should choose?

A crib is the most important furniture for future parents must-have for their nursery. Different types of cribs evolved through the years, and convertible cribs are the most versatile so far. Convertible cribs were designed with multi-function features that grow along with the child.

We compiled a list of the top 4 rated baby cribs

It has several types of bed sizes usually from a baby crib to a toddler bed, and some can even convert to a full-sized bed for growing children. Convertible cribs are more expensive than the other styles but are getting more popular because of their convenience.

Why should you buy a convertible crib instead of a regular one?

Shopping for the best convertible baby cribs is very overwhelming; there will be a lot of assessments and features to look for especially the safety standards that need not compromised. However, there are several advantages of convertible baby cribs that easily convince that spending to save is sometimes wise. Find out the five advantages convertible baby cribs.

  • Savings – Though the price tag requires a more expensive investment, yet it offers a long-term benefit. Babies need cribs from birth up to 24 months, and convertible cribs are flexible enough to support the child’s growth during these years. Parents are able to save more for their child’s future instead of investing in another standard crib.
  • Transitions- Children are having difficulties transitioning from baby cribs to toddler beds or from toddler beds to bigger beds because they tend to become attached with their comfort cribs; this is a very common scenario in parenting. Convertible cribs, however, can easily carry on a smoother transition because of its versatility.
  • Safety- Convertible cribs were designed with high safety standards. The safest cribs don’t have any intricate details to make sure that the child is protected from any forms of strangling and crib-related injury.
  • Durability- Eventually convertible cribs will need to support bigger mattresses, so it is built with high-quality materials to support its versatility.
  • Style- Most convertible cribs were designed with a sophistication that can easily match the child’s room design. There is no hassle of spending more time and energy designing the child’s room and matching its furniture. If there is not enough space available in the nursery, there are mini-cribs available that are space-savers and very much economical.
  • Time- Convertible cribs have almost all the needed functionalities for nursery until pre-school age which can help parents save more time instead of shopping for new furniture. The time saved is used for more productive bonding with the family.
  • Eco-Friendly- Convertible cribs are eco-friendly since they can withstand the test of time even until the child is already a grown-up.

Disadvantages of Convertible Cribs

Though there are not many disadvantages of convertible cribs, here are few thoughts about it:

  • Expensive – It is more expensive than the standard crib, but the benefits are overwhelming compared to the price.
  • Conversion Kit Storage- The kits can get lost or misplaced that can hinder conversion in the future
  • Same bed for years- Since convertible beds are good until 2 years or even 5 years of age, kids will have the same old bed until they outgrow it.

Questions before Buying

  • How many options the baby needs?
  • Are the conversions safe to do?
  • Will it fit the nursery room and design?
  • Does the nursery have enough space for bigger conversion?
  • How much budget needed to buy the best convertible crib?

Different Types of Convertible Cribs

There are several types of convertible cribs available in the market depending on every parent’s conversion requirements. The more versatile the crib is, the more expensive the cost will be and the more conversions, the better the convenience it brings. Here are the most common types of convertible cribs and the kinds of beds they can convert into:

  • 2-in-1 crib – Can convert to a twin or full-sized bed
  • 3-in-1 crib- Can convert to a daybed or a twin or full-sized bed
  • 4-in-1 crib- Can convert to a toddler bed, a daybed or a twin or full-sized bed
  • 5-in-1 crib – Can convert to a toddler bed, daybed, twin or full-sized and the extra love seat option.

Each convertible crib should have the same size as the standard crib mattress about 51 ¾ inches long by 27  inches wide.

Additional Features

Most convertible cribs have added features to match its entire look and convenience.  Parents will have lesser time shopping because convertible cribs have already catered most of the required infant accessories. Some of the extra features were sold separately depending on the product’s brand and functionality.

  • Changing Tables/ Dressers- Most convertible cribs are now equipped with changing tables that also act as dressers. The dresser is used for baby’s diapers or wardrobes.
  • Conversion Extra Parts- The extra pieces needed for the crib’s conversion might need to be purchased separately like the side cribs and bed frames.
  • Adjustable Mattress Heights- Most convertible cribs allow the adjusting of the mattress heights. The highest mattress height is used for infants while the lowest mattress height is used for toddlers or as soon as they begin sitting up.
  • Teething Rails – Teething starts around 4-6months of age, so convertible crib manufacturers were encouraged to add immovable plastic teething rails to avoid intoxication and crib damages.

Baby Crib Safety Checklist

The primary reason for buying a crib is the baby’s safety because this is where the child will spend the entire time from birth until 24 months. The convertible crib should meet all the safety guidelines imposed and must be certified by governing authorities.

Safe cribs are non-toxic, rust-resistant, and anti-irritant to protect the baby’s sensitive health conditions. Convertible cribs must not convert to drop-side cribs because they are no longer safe as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Though it has already been banned, drop-side cribs are still available in the market.

All cribs must be made with fixed sides and must not wobble as well as the slats should be stronger to avoid breakage. The slats should have at least 2 inches gap in between to avoid the baby’s hands, legs, and head getting caught if the slat spacing is too wide.

Avoid buying second-hand convertible cribs or even hand-me-downs due to possible material deterioration or loose parts which may cause serious harm to the child or even infant deaths. Accessories should be durable such as the mattress, add-on storage, and tables.

Make sure the edges, joints, and shapes are well-rounded to avoid scratches. 

Convertible cribs on wheels are easy to move around the house but can impose a real danger as well. Check if the caster wheels have locks to prevent it from moving further especially at nights or better buy those without any wheels.

Remove all the decorations inside the crib especially those that are choking hazards like ribbons, tags, and stickers.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, never consider using wedges or sleep positioner because they are not safe for babies, it can cause suffocation when the babies suddenly slip out or turn their face against it. Anti-reflux wedges are also banned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), but they are still available in the market.

Above all, set the convertible crib away from the windows, window blinds or draperies and make sure any kinds of cords are at least 3 meters away from the crib to avoid baby strangling.

Where to Buy

Convertible cribs are available online through e-commerce websites and at many retail stores that offer nursery products. When purchasing online, make sure to read customer product reviews and shipping options. If shopping at a local retail store, head onto the baby’s department and canvas the convertible cribs available; ask for assistance regarding the conversion process, materials and safety conditions. The main brands you should look for are Sorelle, Dream On Me, Graco and DaVinci, any of these crib brands will make you happy.


For a more long-term investment, consider buying convertible cribs that go with the planned nursery, current room design, and needed functionalities. Decide on the given budget for the convertible crib and compare the price with the available cribs in the market. Convertible crib prices range from $100 full-sized to $1,000 fancier cribs. Convertible cribs were made to last for several years, so the investment put on the initial cost is a big saving in the future. There are a lot of available convertible cribs in the market which can be ordered easily, choose the best that is safe and easy to perform. After all, quality is more important in giving sleep and comfort for babies.  

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What baby furniture do you need?

From a sturdy changing table to a bassinette to a rocking chair, there are many items you will need to purchase to keep your baby safe and secure after he or she is born.

The most important piece of furniture, though, is your baby’s crib. To ensure that you have the best baby crib on the market, you will need to check out a few key features.

You will want a crib to be extremely sturdy and durable since children usually sleep in a crib until they are 2 to 3-years-old. Give the display model of the crib at the store a good shake before you purchase it to ensure it is stable and does not rattle or wobble.

The next feature you will want to check out on a crib is the space between the slats, which is vital to keeping your baby safe. The bars should be spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so the baby’s head or body cannot become wedged in between the bars.

The mattress for your baby’s crib must be firm so it does not sag beneath your baby’s weight and the mattress should be at least 26 inches from the top of the crib rail.

Keeping your baby safe and happy are top priorities for parents and ensuring that you have provided the best baby furniture, especially the crib, for your tot is of utmost importance.

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