BBC Dance Mat Typing Levels and Stages – Fun in 2020

Dance Mat Typing screen that greets children with the levels and stagesDance Mat Typing is the easiest and fastest way for your kids to learn how to type. In this typing game for kids developed by BBC, your kids will play four different levels that are divided into 3 stages. Your kids will learn the home row keys. Every stage is built from past teachings. It introduces different letters as your kids develop their typing skills.

Animated animal teachers will guide your children through the game. In the 12 stages, they learn where to place their fingers on the keyboard. The animal characters narrate through the process, a way to keep the children attentive. The animated animals go further ahead and show which fingers to use to type particular keys.

To provide the children with a sense of motivation and fulfillment, at the completion of each stage a song will be performed by the animated teacher. The song accomplishes finishing the stages.

Intro screen of Dance Mat TypingIn Dance Mat Typing, children will meet a host of characters and teachers. The main characters are the goat, the queen ant, octopus, yak, giraffe, flamingo, Ninja turtle, and the rooster. When the kids reach the last stage, they will all be waiting to celebrate the victory.

When they cannot type the right way, there will be a supporting cast that will guide them on how to do it right. For motivation, they will pay compliments for every completed task. They design different scenes for each stage. Children will learn while appreciating the beautiful views and diverse scenery in this flash game. It will unlock a child’s imagination as they are leaning.

They set the tasks up with different objects at each stage. For example in stage three, there is a rooster. So they will need to break eggs to finish the tasks.

In level 1 stage 1, where the goat is a rock star, they will need to break the music to complete the task. In the process, the animal teachers will say something interesting to motivate. The yak will take them to interesting places in the world. Telling them exciting and mysterious stories.

The octopus will teach them foreign languages like Italian. It exposes your children to new concepts and expands their minds.
After completing all four steps, kids will be a professional typist soon. After finishing every stage, they can enjoy new typing skills and speed. Also, they get interesting visual rewards. 

It is also a kid-friendly program. It will help you introduce or enhance the skill of your kids in typing. It is composed of 12 different stages in four levels. We know this game for being a fun way of teaching kids to type. It’s fun because of its charismatic games and characters.

Another one of the most interesting things about the typing experience is the music. They will play music from different genres. Rock-and-roll, oriental music, and lively Spanish tunes. Your kids will have so much fun with BBC Typing and they will have learned how to type. After some time, they will not need to look at the keyboard while they are typing. Their fingers will be flexible while typing fast.

Some basic rules are that you should use both hands. We should encourage children to use both hands so they can know how to type properly. When playing, the kids should sit straight, this is the best position when typing. They should not skip a stage, all stages are important.

As you can see, there are many typing game programs. They usually see these as boring games for kids due to their boring practices and poor quality of graphics. Through playing games, kids will take it as an eventful and funny journey to proper typing. 

In Dance Mat Typing Level 1, your kids will know how you will type the primary keys properly. This level will also include the proper typing of r, u, I, and e. as mentioned earlier, every level has three different stages.

  • Stage 1: Your kids need to type h, g, l, k, j, a, s, d, and f
  • Stage 2: it requires your kids to type I and e
  • Stage 3: Your kids need to type the letters u and r

In Level 1, there is a warm-up session at the beginning of each stage. There is the hand exercise for both the right and the left hands. At this level in each stage, there are memorable characters ready to motivate by complimenting and helping the kids.

Each stage here is for hand positioning and accuracy, not speed. Stage one introduces the main keyboard keys. At this stage, the goat will be the teacher. In the background, they will hear voices guiding them on how to use their fingers correctly. Once they have typed correctly, there will be funny music in the form of praising them.

It will teach them to correctly use the main keys which contain the letters ‘Asdfghjkl’. Also, the semicolon and colon together with the space bar. Stage two will feature the octopus, and every time they complete successfully a task, a shell will be opened. They will learn letters E and I at this stage. The third stage of this level introduces letters R and U. First, the kids will remind themselves of what they have learned in the previous stages. There will be a rooster that will be the guide and once the task is completed, there will be a celebration.

In Dance Mat Typing Level 2, your kids will know how the six different keys above the home row keys. These six letters are p, q, o, w, y, and t.

  • Stage 4: types letter y and t
  • Stage 5: types of letter o and w
  • Stage 6: types letter p and q

In the level two, this is where the letters T, Y, W, O, Q, and P are introduced. The Hippo, Ninja turtle, and the flamingo. There is a variety of colorful scenery and settings such as Tokyo where the Ninja turtle lives. The third level is not as easy as the initial two because now all the keys are involved.

There is a typing test available at the end of the lesson. At the various stages, the keys V, M, B, N, C, and the comma are taught. At this stage, there is a mountainous region with the teacher being none other than the yak. At this stage, they will need a lot of reassurance. They learn not to doubt their abilities as they encounter a new challenge. The other animal teachers are the monkey and the queen ant. Children will learn the difference between a letter and an interpunction as it introduces them to the comma.

In Dance Mat Typing Level 3 your kids will learn how to type the 6 different letters placed below the home row keys. These letters include the comma, c, n, b, m, and v. 

  • Stage 7: Type letters m and v
  • Stage 8: Type letters n and b
  • Stage 9: Type letter c and the comma (,)

At Dance Mat Typing Level 4 your kids will learn how to type the letters z and x correctly. They will know how to type big letters and the remaining three keys, which are the full stop, slash, and apostrophe. 

  • Stage 10: type the letters z and x
  • Stage 11: type the signs period (.)and the slash (/)
  • Stage 12: Learn how to use Shift Keys–it is for creating big letters.

The final level features all the keys on the keyboard. The stage is bigger, and it is more way difficult than before. The kids will have a look back at the previous 11 stages that they have gone through. There will be a combination of everything with the rock star goat character being the guide. They will learn the full stop and the slash keys.

How does Dance Mat Typing help kids?

BBC has designed this flash course as a guide to help kids get accustomed to technology. For a small kid is hard to grasp the concept of a keyboard, that’s why BBC developed this game to make it easier. When your kids improve their typing skills, they will learn how to communicate quickly to other people by typing. Typing as an aid and a skill that individuals of different ages will benefit. Learning the proper process of typing is also an effective way of writing a letter or a note. “Touch typing” refers to the ability of a person to use his ten fingers in typing while your eyes are away from the keyboard.

Knowing how to type on a keyboard is essential in today’s era. If you have kids and you want them to learn how to type properly and quicker, we recommend you introduce your kids to the Dance Mat Typing guide. Your kids will learn the proper way to type. These days, it is a must for the parents to introduce their kids to technology. 

BBC touch typing is not only fun, but it is highly educative. Motivates the children who are learning how to type. There is no other interactive and involving way for kids who is this easy. It will help in their careers and socialization in the long run.

What research teaches us about using touch typing?

According to research, most parents and teachers use technology to get kids and students to focus on tasks. Building the skills of perseverance is facing different challenges at home and school and that’s where games like BBC Typing game shine. 

The researchers stated that the views represent the views and opinions of both teachers and parents about technology. It was inconclusive if video games, phones, and computers affect the ability of a student or a child to focus. 

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