Best Baby Mattress – Reviews and Buying Guide

Parents only want the best for their babies, whether it if about toys, food or pampering. Because of that, they won’t settle for anything less and give their young ones with the best comfort they can offer. A good night’s sleep is no exception and finding the best baby mattress is a must.

Other than milk, it is also important to consider that a baby should have a comfortable bed to tuck in. And the best way to do this is to place a baby crib mattress into their crib.

How does a mattress aid a baby’s slumber? The first obvious fact is that it provides extra cushioning to where the baby lays. Cribs alone will not give comfort to these youngsters unless it is covered with a mattress.

Cribs are hard and can easily give discomfort to the delicate body of your baby. Other than that, it can also cause unwanted injuries like bumps and bruises (if the baby is mobile enough). Owning the best baby mattress can help you avoid those unnecessary damages to your young ones while inside their crib.

Be sure that you choose not just any mattress available in the market. Otherwise, your baby will still experience the same discomfort similar to not having a crib mattress at all. They will either toss and turn or cry into sleep. There are two types of mattresses: organic and synthetic. Foam is an example of a synthetic mattress, while cotton and wool are both examples of organic ones. What is the comfort difference between the two?

Types of mattresses for baby cribs

Organic crib mattress

As stated earlier, both cotton and wool are organic types of mattresses. Cotton-type mattresses are easy to clean aside from the fact that they are also durable. It is breathable in the sense that it allows air to penetrate within, thus eliminating heat and perspiration from the baby. Wool is also an excellent mattress provided that it can produce heat to warm your baby from the bitter cold during winter. During summer it could be an excellent heat and perspiration absorbent similar to the cotton.

Another advantage of an organic mattress is that it will not cause your baby any allergy and asthma. Aside from that, it is eco-friendly and has fewer chemicals or none at all. Organic materials are always a healthier option for your young ones.

Synthetic crib mattress

Synthetic baby mattresses are those made up of foam or polyurethane. Therefore, chemicals are also used in the manufacturing process. Because there is no such thing as natural foam or natural polyurethane, this one is highly regarded as a synthetic. It may contain hazardous ingredients that will affect your baby’s health. Better grab for one that is hypoallergenic, optimized and suitable for baby use.

Although mattresses made of foam conducts heat easily which is especially helpful during cold weather, it has problems in absorbing sweat from the baby on warm weather which can cause rashes on the baby’s skin.

It is also a poor absorbent of another type of liquid such as spilled milk, water or baby’s pee. This discomfort could distract your baby’s slumber as well as yours. However, it is a good asset for the baby’s playtime and can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or simply bask it under the sun.

Other Types of Crib Mattresses

Other varieties of crib mattresses also exist within the market like the innerspring mattress, mattresses made of synthetic fibers and inherent silica. Although the synthetic fiber and silica are both unnatural, they undergo processes so they could be less harmful or non-toxic at all. Read the caption or label of the product before you buy them. Some of these chemicals though can still trigger an allergic reaction to your baby’s skin especially if our child is too sensitive to chemicals.

Cleaning guide for crib mattresses

Baby crib mattresses work best if you cover them bed sheets made of cotton or wool or even crib mattress pads will do. Chemicals used or joined in making other types of cloth are inorganic. Bed sheets will also protect your crib mattress from wearing out easily and getting soiled.

Try changing the sheets once or twice daily or even as often as necessary. Make sure that before you turn the mattress on its other side, clean the opposite side first to get rid of any unnecessary dirt and dust that might’ve gotten stuck throughout the day. Use a vacuum cleaner for deep dirt suction. Lastly, always keep your baby’s room neat and clean for a healthier environment. This will also lessen the amount of dirt that could get intact with our baby’s mattress.

Provide your child comfort. Before you start purchasing a crib mattress, do thorough research about the product or brand that you love to buy. Be meticulous yet realistic. Go for ones that are within your budget range and at the same time profitable for you and your baby. Reading the reviews of other customers online show that product can also help you decide whether it is worth purchasing or not. Customer satisfaction always counts in every way. 

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