8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – What to expect

You are two months in. You may or may not know by now, but one thing is certain, you are pregnant. Your baby already reached 2 cm in length. It’s still small, but it’s there. At this point, your baby is growing somewhere to 1 mm per day, the amniotic fluid increases by two tablespoons per week, and your womb is already twice as big. Exciting, right?

Fetus development at week 8

What you should generally know is that your baby’s skin is still thin as paper and mostly transparent, but the face is starting to take shape. Its eyes start to form, but they won’t properly open until week 26 when the eyelids are formed.  Also, your baby’s fingers and toes start to form this week. So are the lungs and the brain nerve cells, and the heartbeat may vary between 140 and 170 beats per minute. That is fast comparing to yours.

Something else you should know is that after eight weeks your baby is officially a fetus. Up until now, it was an embryo, but now it is technically an “offspring.”

The Week 8 Ultrasound

It is important that you should schedule an ultrasound at this point. You either just found out or knew for a while, the eight-week ultrasound can reveal all the things I told you before. Your doctor can check for all the important aspects, even if you are still early in your pregnancy. This is because your baby now has everything an adult has. The shape may vary though, as it should, for now.

Why the 8th-week ultrasound is important

There are some reasons the 8-week ultrasound is important, such as dating. Even if it is still early, your doctor can give you an estimate of the day your baby was conceived and the due date. You may think that the dating scan is not so important, but you are wrong. The dating could establish the standard lengths against which your baby will be compared, for example. Measuring is critical. Another reason is the mother’s bleeding. Some women still bleed at this point in their pregnancy. A lot of them think that there is something wrong with their baby, but that is rarely the case. The 8-week ultrasound can also reveal if there are multiple pregnancies. Trust me; you want to know.

You can see the baby’s heartbeat during your 8-week ultrasound. Most women use this reason alone to have an ultrasound. That sound is better than an entire choir of angels for a new mommy. The feeling is indescribable. It will make your heart melt. Likewise, the ultrasound technician will have to check how the umbilical cord is functioning and the size of the placenta, even though your baby still feeds from the yolk.

During the 8 week ultrasound, the doctor will also want to check if your pregnancy is ectopic, which is a serious condition. An undetected ectopic pregnancy may be fatal for the mother, so it is crucial you check that out. Decisions must be made if that is the case, but do not worry. The rate of ectopic pregnancies is 19 out of 1000 women in the United States. Also, the health of your ovaries and fallopian tubes is checked during your 8-week ultrasound. Well, this is checked at every ultrasound. A healthy mother means, most of the time, a healthy baby, so you should not neglect aspects that concern your own body.

Types of ultrasounds you can get at this stage

An aspect that concerns women at this stage in their pregnancy is the way the ultrasound is performed. Some of them prefer that they receive an abdominal ultrasound, but this means that they should have a full bladder to have a clearer view. The bladder lifts the uterus, and the picture is easy to get. It is not comfortable for someone to push on your full bladder, that is why some women prefer the transvaginal ultrasound. It is performed with a small wand, the procedure does not hurt, but you may feel a small amount of pressure. But your bladder can be empty, so you have that going for you. The picture is clearer too. One thing is certain though. You will forget about any pressure or discomfort once you see your baby. It’s like the holy grail for mothers. So sit back and enjoy it and get ready for week 9!

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