6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – What to expect

There isn’t much to say at this stage in your pregnancy. You may not even know that you are pregnant. But if you are feeling exhausted and your morning sickness kicked in, you may have a clue. At 6 weeks these symptoms usually make their appearance. It can happen to fall asleep at work accidentally or hug the toilet, but you should not worry. Most of the pregnant women go through this.

Even though it is still early, there are a lot of changes happening, with you as well with your baby. Well, at this point it is just an embryo, but getting stronger and bigger. It measures just 8 mm, but from this moment on it will grow approximately 1 mm per day.

Do you know how a poppy seed looks like? If not…well, google it because that is the size of your baby’s heart. Can you believe that a human organ can be that small? It is amazing. But, even if it is that small, the baby’s heart is changing from being a simple, singular tube, to a four-chamber organ. The other organs are in place now too, not in their final form, but at least they know their place.

Early 6-week fetus ultrasound

The 6-week ultrasound will not reveal as much as you would like. It is still early. I know that you are eager to see your baby, but too little time has passed for you to be seeing him/her. If you do decide to do a 6-week ultrasound, you may not even see a heartbeat. It beats, approximately 160 beats per minute, but due to its size, you may not hear it. Of course, there are cases in which you can already hear a heartbeat. It’s a chance, random. But you will see something though, something that resembles a bean. It’s not much, but for now, for you, it’s perfect.

Week 6 Fetus Development

At this point, the baby’s hands and legs start to form. They look like little buds for now, but it will not be long until they grow properly. Also, if you have a high image quality 6-week ultrasound, the technician may see some dark spots on your baby’s head, but those dark spots will be your baby’s eyes and nose. Instead of ears, your baby will have just some small depressions.

Some other things that happen this week with your baby are that the spinal cord, which up until now it was open, is starting to close and it begins the process of development of the blood vessels and blood cells. Also, the brain begins to divide into 5 parts.


I know that you are impatient to see your little bundle of joy, but every little thing in its own time. Right now you must begin to focus on yourself more than usual. It is time to start a healthy diet, and even though you may feel exhausted due to all these changes, you must exercise a little bit. Take a walk in the sun; vitamin D is significant, take in all that fresh air. It will do you a great amount of good. That little peanut takes up a lot of your energy, and you must constantly revive it, for your sake, as well for your baby’s. And remember, the first trimester is always the most difficult. It is a huge change for your body, so take good care of it. Next week’s article is about week 7 and the fetus development at that stage.

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