29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Hey there mommies! I just wanted to give you an update on what is happening with your baby, as well as with you, this week. Week 29…you are almost there, huh? One more third (approx.) of your pregnancy and you will be able to hold your little precious.

Fetus development at week 29 of pregnancy

Your baby will weigh about 2,5 pounds (1150 grams) this week, but it’s not set in stone. It may vary from baby to baby. Also, from head to heel your baby will be about 15 inches (38,5 cm). How much he/she has grown! It’s like only yesterday your baby was the size of a plum. An yet, he or she will double in size from now until birth, so keep up the good work. 

I told you a couple of posts ago that you baby is covered in a waxy white substance (Vernix Caseosa) which protects your baby from the amniotic fluid, and in a soft downy hair (lanugo). Well…this week these two things will start to wear off, but you will still be able to see traces of them at birth. In the meantime, your baby’s skin is starting to soften and there will be some more fat. This fat is now used for energy instead of keeping warm. I think you can feel the ‘energy’. 

With their new ability to open their eyes, babies at this stage can focus them. Of course, they live in a small, kind of weird world now, but soon they will see how big their world actually is. The baby teeth are ready, the buds are fully formed in the gums, and amazingly enough, the buds for the permanent teeth are beginning to develop. It’s going to be a while until they are actually needed, but hey, they’re there. 

If you are having a boy, you may want to know that the testicles are descended. Where from? It seems that from somewhere near the kidneys, through the groin and into the scrotum.

At this point, your baby’s head is starting to get bigger and bigger. It’s a good thing because the brain, as is developing billions of neurons, will get bigger, so the skull will have to be able to accommodate it. I always said, as a joke of course, that this is good for the baby and not the mom because….well, you will find out. 

The muscles and lungs continue to mature. The baby can taste and respond to pain. Speaking of taste, there are a few studies that show that the baby can actually indicate preferences or dislikes for particular tastes. That’s great! Your baby is already able to tell you that he/she hates broccoli.

Arrangements for giving birth

Let’s get to the ‘you’ part now. You may have noticed that your baby is moving less. No need to overreact, the space in your womb is getting crowded, so the baby cannot spin as usual. But no worries, he or she will still be able to kick and punch anything in the way. At times, the kicks and punches will be so strong that it will literally take your breath away.

Have you picked a birth partner? If not, you should. You will need someone to fetch you stuff, drive you to the hospital, talk to the doctors and whatnot. Usually is the partner who does all these things, but it’s not a must. There are people who don’t want to be in the delivery room or even moms who don’t want their partners there with them. It varies from case to case. If your partner is not there you can ask your mom, sister or friend. As long as you have someone in there with you it’s fine. Also, make sure that whoever is in the delivery room with you is aware of your birth plan.

Soon you will have to take your maternity leave. Most moms take it as late as possible so they can stay home with their babies as long as they can. One thing you should consider when you make this decision: the nature of your job. Think about the fact that you will not be able to work at your full potential these next few weeks, you have to take it easy. The rest is up to you.

Until next time, hugs&kisses! Take care! 

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