28 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Hello ladies! How do you feel? The moment you’ve been waiting for quite some time is almost here. I hope you are well and the bump is treating you right.

Fetus development at week 28 ultrasound

This week your baby is about 2,5 pounds and measures 14,8 inches (1000 grams and 37,5 cm). His/her tiny feet are a little over 2 inches long (5,5 com). At this point, your baby is gaining weight rapidly, even though he or she looks quite well proportioned.

As for changes, the hair is now clearly visible. There are babies who are born with a lot of hair, and on the other end, there are babies who have no hair almost at all. It’s not something to be concerned with, every baby is unique, and if you give birth to an almost bald child, don’t worry, it will eventually show.

I told you in a previous post that the baby starts to use his or her eyes, but this week your baby will begin to move the eyes in their socket and he/she may even blink. The color of the eyes may be one at birth and a completely different one 6 months after. This is especially accurate for babies who are born with blue or gray-blue eyes. The important thing is that they start to work enough to see your face when you breastfeed.

Brain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which basically means that your baby may be able to dream. Also, the brain develops further to form consciousness. Cool, right?

At this point, your baby’s heartbeats very strong. You can test it if you like. Just ask your partner to put his ear on your belly. He/ She may be able to hear it. Also, the heartbeat is now detectable not only by Doppler but with a simple stethoscope.

The baby’s lung branches are quite developed now. This means that in the case of premature birth the chance of survival is over 90% (which is 10% more than last week). Of course, this doesn’t mean that complications aren’t possible. So, the more time the baby spends in the womb, the better.

As for the rest, your baby continues to gain weight, to get plump and will continue to gain a few more pounds until D day.

Symptoms for week 28

But how is the pregnancy treating you? Your uterus should be about 3 inches (7 cm) above your belly button, which I know it’s not very comfortable, but hang in there. Keep in mind that it will grow some more, about half an inch (1 cm) every week.

With proper, balanced nutrition you should have gained between 17 and 24 pounds (7,5 kg – 10,5). BUT, remember that this is not set in stone. It depends on your metabolism and the body’s ability to cope with the pregnancy. So, don’t feel bad if you gained more or less. The most important thing is to eat healthily and let your body do what it has to do. You just have to play your part and offer it what it needs. And of course, avoid excess. It’s never healthy (pregnant or not).

Now is the best time to express your fears and worries. I know you have them. You fear labor (who wouldn’t?) or the fact that something may be going wrong. It’s natural. Some women even dream about it. But PLEASE don’t panic. It’s not good for you, or for the baby. Stress can induce early labor, and we don’t want that, now do we? Talk to your midwife or friends who recently gave birth. They will tell you the same thing: You will be fine! Pregnancy’s not all fun and games, but try to enjoy it as much as you can. You are creating life, so you have every right to feel good about it. 

Until next time, I wish you all the best! Hugs&kisses 

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