19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Hey mommy! You are now 19 weeks pregnant, which is only a week away from being halfway through your pregnancy. That may be an important milestone for you. You know what they say: the second half always seems to be shorter.

Fetus development at week 19

A 19 weeks fetus is 6,5 inches (17 cm) in length and weighs somewhere about 9 ounces (250 grams). Mango is the fruit of the week.  Your baby is as big and as heavy as a mango fruit. At this point, he or she is heavier than your placenta but has no body fat whatsoever. And to think that your baby will increase his or her body weight by more than 15 times until delivery…that is truly amazing. 

I trust you already felt your baby moving. As I said in a previous post, your baby starts to move at an earlier stage, but because he or she is really small, there is a lot of room for wiggling. The difference now is that the baby is bigger and you may experience real kicks, not only fluttering. It may startle you at first, but I am sure you will start to love it.

If you get a 19 weeks ultrasound you will be able to observe how the legs and arms of your baby are more proportionate and the movements are more controlled than before. This is because the cartilage is beginning to harden into bone. I told you before that as your baby develops he or she will have more and more bones instead of cartilage.

Also, by week 19, the skin of your baby starts to lose its translucent look and begins to develop pigment. This will set your baby’s skin tone in the near future. The hair on the scalp will begin to grow as well. Of course, now it’s white, but once your baby develops some more, the hair color will be set.

One of the most important aspects, not only at this stage but throughout your entire pregnancy, is the baby’s heart. Just like all the rest of your ultrasounds, the 19-week ultrasound will show you that your baby’s heart is beating much faster than yours, like twice as fast as yours. This is very important because your baby’s body is working really hard to grow and develop, and the heart is the engine for the entire process. What is new at this point is that the heart should be visible during a 19-week ultrasound. The ultrasound operator may be able to take a really good look at it, to see of all the chambers are well developed and stuff like this.

At 19 weeks fetus has the genitals distinct and recognizable. You have a pretty huge chance to find out if you are having a baby girl or a baby boy. With boys is easier. You have the ultrasound, the technician sees his thingy and bam, you know! I suppose that with girls it works by elimination. No thingy, no boy.  What is interesting is that if you are having a girl, her uterus starts to develop, and the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes are already in place. As you may know, a woman has a limited number of eggs in her ovaries. An unborn girl will have about 6 million eggs, but after birth, she will only have around 1 million eggs.

Week 19 ultrasound

One thing you should take into consideration when you are having a 19-week ultrasound is that ultrasound operators may make mistakes. It’s happened before. You may think you are having a boy or a girl and then surprise! You are having the exact opposite. That is why you should be absolutely sure before you are buying pink clothes and painting your nursery in peach. Ask for a second opinion, or wait a little while longer before you start preparing for a certain sex. For now, keep it neutral. 

Pregnancy symptoms at week 19

As for you, as I said above, pregnancy at 19 weeks will bring the certainty of reality kicks in your belly. The time for the smooth fluttering is kind of gone. I must mention the fact that not all mothers feel this. But give it time. I am sure that the moment is really close. So before you think of placing your bowl of popcorn on your belly, give it a second thought. I guess you do not want to gather all the popcorn from under or behind the couch. AND, at times, you may even be able to identify afoot, or even an elbow. How cool is that?

Quite a bit of a snag can be the fact that you may suffer from heartburn or even indigestion at this stage. A 19 weeks pregnant belly is quite visible, but your bump will continue to get bigger and bigger by the week, and your stomach, together with the rest of your abdominal organs, become more cramped. But you can talk to your midwife about this and she may give you something if the condition becomes more aggressive.

Also, because of the hormone level in your body, which is pretty high at this point, you may have moments in which you may feel out of breath. Do not worry. It is quite natural. It will pass. Your vision may suffer as well. Many pregnant women happen to experience blurred vision during their pregnancy. Again, there is nothing to worry about, it will go away by itself after you give birth, but if the problem concerns you, a chat with your eye specialist will give you some reassurance.

I wish you all the best!

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