13 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

You are now 13 weeks pregnant. There you have it! The worst is behind you now. Things should run more smoothly now. Most women claim that their first trimester of pregnancy is the most difficult. You have to deal with constant nausea, aches, and hormonal imbalance. But now that the placenta takes over the production of pregnancy hormones, you should feel a lot better. Of course, some things don’t go away yet. You still have to go to the bathroom 74 times a day, but hey, your baby is growing bigger and will continue to press on your bladder. There isn’t something you can do about that.

Fetus development at week 13 ultrasound

Have you had an ultrasound yet? If not, the 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be VERY revealing. A 13-week fetus is about 3 inches (8 cm) and weighs approximately 1 ounce (25 g). Can you believe it? That is the size of an egg. He or she is on the path of becoming a complete human being. The thing is that in the first trimester your baby is going through a state of rapid development, but now that all the organs are in place, the baby is going through a state of rapid growth. From now on he or she will grow until it is time to come into this world.

You will learn a lot of things about your baby at this point. If you want to have a 13-week ultrasound, I highly recommend a Doppler. You will be able to see your baby’s face. Well, not like in a photo, but you will be able to see the contour. That is because the nose and the chin are well defined at 13 weeks.

Symptoms for week 13

You will be amazed to find out that your baby is now very active. As the muscles lengthen and become more organized at this stage, the baby moves a lot inside the uterus. You won’t be able to feel that yet because he or she is still tiny, but trust me when I tell you that kicks and punches are thrown around your belly like you wouldn’t believe it  8-). That is why your doctor will have the possibility to measure your baby’s movements.

Before you were pregnant you may have seen babies yawning, hiccupping and sucking their thumbs and you thought, “OH, how cute is that!” Well, don’t think that babies start to do that after they are born. They do that long before, at about 13 weeks in your womb. Yes, your baby does that. He or she can even swallow, open and close the mouth, lead a hectic womb life;).

I am going to give you some good news. This week, the external genitalia is almost defined, so if you have a 13 weeks ultrasound, you MAY have the possibility to know your baby’s gender. But have in mind, you MAY, it is not for sure.

Pregnancy at 13 weeks comes with a certain level of comfort.  Now that the first trimester is behind you, you can, at last, have more peace of mind. It should give you more confidence that you made it this far. The chances of miscarriage are significantly reduced, and you can finally tell people that you are pregnant without feeling uncertain. It’s a stepping stone, a milestone, whatever you may want to call it. The important thing is that you are at peace and free to enjoy the rest of your baby cooking :P.

Also, now that your belly is growing, you may want to go on a shopping spree. But my advice to you is to buy maternity clothes for the rest of your pregnancy. You will get bigger and bigger, and trust me when I tell you that you will NOT enjoy crowded, heated malls for long. So better be sure and buy what you need now.

Another important thing you should consider is the last couple’s holiday. Talk to your partner, choose a destination and go. That is the last holiday for a VERY long time when you will actually be able to enjoy a vacation, just the two of you. After the baby is born you won’t even think about that, and then the baby grows but you don’t want to leave it with someone and so on. There will always be an excuse not to go. So take advantage of the time you have left and get ready to enter week 14.

Otherwise, keep healthy, right diet, light exercise and a lot of peace and quiet. It won’t last very long!

Baby heartbeat at the 13 week ultrasound

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